Balancings last for three days

Rebecca on the train to Paris

At the end of the balancing we share with people that balancings last for three days. I was curious as to what happens in those three days so I asked a client if she would send me her journaling after each balancing. This particular client had been coming for balancings for several years and had skill in tracking her internal process. I found her writings insightful and revealing as  her soul worked with her in the days following the balancing.

As is sometimes typical, she experienced a major emotional release of some kind. Or the lightness of one day would be followed by the black mood of another.  Or her awareness of a certain negative mind pattern would suddenly become keenly apparent with new insights and ah-has. She also wrote about how differently she felt in her body – like having a new skin or shedding an old one.

This journal excerpt was after a balancing that had a lot to do with freeing her creativity.

On the second day after my aura balancing, I again noticed my mood was calm and relaxed. I made plans to help out my friend  at the Eldorado Art Fair, and instead of dreading the long day manning the booth, I was looking forward to seeing her and meeting new people. I always tease her that I’m ready to meet my new husband, and this time I really am excited about it!

I lit the candles for my two basic selves and contemplated their pictures. Behind them is a series of pictures I took of the woods near my childhood home in Ohio. I used to roam those woods and make up stories of being an Indian maiden, or an archaeologist looking for dinosaur bones in the dry creek beds. The explorer in me, the fearless risk-taker was free in the woods. I always go back there when I visit Ohio, and I glimpse a part of me that I want to recover. Having the pictures as a backdrop to my basic selves reminds me that I am letting them inch towards each other to reconnect and rejoin forces. I want all the parts of me to rejoice together and lead me to the recognition of my wholeness. I want peace and cooperation, not warfare from my two sides. So I let the candles burn and smell the sweetness (sugar cookie scent!).

Her playfulness with integrating two Basic Selves was inspiring. Often we forget, I think, that allowing forgotten aspects to reconnect can be fun and lighthearted. As it turned out, she was so successful communicating in a new way that her inner Ohio woods became a visioning playground for her Soul to download all kinds of creative ideas and possibilities.

I now suggest to my balancing clients to write down their thoughts, dreams and intuitive flashes for those three days. When the channels are open and clear all manner of higher wisdom and guidance can show up- perhaps even sugar-cookie-scented!

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