What Can I Expect From Noetic Balancing?

By Robert D. Waterman

The noetic practitioner promises nothing. We invite you to  come to the session with no expectation. We will ask you why you came. In fact we may encourage you to make a list. The intention is for transformation to occur in these areas. The promise, the expectation, is that anything may or may not occur.  We will not focus on fixing your life or your  illness. Having said that, lives change and symptoms disappear. Well, you say, ” how can that be?  You say you don’t promise anything, yet you say the change I want can happen.” And, we also say, “It may not happen.”

A change in perspective is needed. Energy is information. This is the meaning of noetic. When we exert will to change the cause and effect of the physical, psychic, world we perpetuate the reality of the disturbances we want to change. When we go into our hearts and give the intention to change into the noetic expanse of  unconditional love, the information that informs our current reality changes.  When we change information, the conditions in our life changes. The universal level of our heart informs a new way of being.  The new way of being finds its way into our life through our life. This  can be instantaneous of take a while. We trust our symptom to help us change.  We have to engage our symptoms, because that is want is going on in our life  and that reflects precisely what we want to change. Our mind can know we want change and know what change we want, but doesn’t know how to change.  So, no promises.  Expectations will keep you from realizing the deeper expression of life that you were born to fulfill.

A Love is available through our wholeness, through higher consciousness, that is unconditional and non-inflictive. That is it won’t interfere with your choices a purposes. It will respond to you intentions to change in keeping with the highest good. When fear comes between our love and the endeavors we want to accomplish, the noetic field responds and gives you you idea of what is going on. Said another way you get more of the same. Noetic Balancing reconnects us with our  true source of self, which we call  Soul. Soul lives in a universe of unconditional love and manifest itself through grace.  We have heard this before.  What we fear will come upon us. Fear wants to fix the symptom. Love wants you to have what the symptom is blocking.  The symptom points to packets of fear and the beliefs that support those fears.  When we use self forgiveness in the balancing session, you reconnect with your higher power.  In the action of transformation, healing can occur. From the perspective of the soul, we change our reality to one in which the symptom or issue is erased. The cure we seek is a change in reality, and that is the changes the disturbances into a new state of existence.

Noetic Balancing orriginated with the practices of Phineaus Parkhurst Quimby, a transcendentalist who, in the 1800’s, developed what he called the Science of the Christ. Simply put, within each of us is  field of consciousness that is universal love. The expression of universal love is what he called the Christ.  Our beliefs make us live as if this is not so. Quimby explained to his clients that their dis-ease was caused by beliefs that blocked or distorted their ability to resources the inner Christ.  What does that mean in terms of Noetic Balancing? We work with you to deconstruct these beliefs and by so doing change the information that informs your reality.  Then, Quimby would work in silence. This is  key. He became a state of radical non-agenda. He became nothing. By becoming nothing, he became all, while being in service to the intention of his client’s transformation.  People became healed who visited Quimby.  Did he do it?  I wasn’t there. I am here and now. That is  a state of non-agenda. Look at what the moment brings you. When you deconstruct your beliefs about your condition the moment brings you love and love reorganizes reality.

So, bring your symptoms, and come for love.  When you come for a Noetic Balancing, embrace all possibility.