Mystery School 4: The Ways and Means of the Power of Love

The awakening of the inner Christ occurs naturally through the revelation embedded in your personal profile and the patterns of your life. We will explore this theme through your relationship to the ways and means of the power of love.


La Veta, CO


August 11-14, 2016


Beginning 10 am on Thursday, August 11 and ending 4 pm on Sunday, August 14. We recommend an August 10 arrival in La Veta.


Tuition: $800. Forty (40) days early is $750. $100 deposit. You can send check to 41 Verano Loop, Santa Fe, NM 887508 or we can send you a Paypal invoice to pay by credit card. Contact:


Noegenesis Mystery School or Spiritual Science I & II (USA) or Mystery School I, II, III (Europe)


$50 per night, per person, at the Adagio house (first come first served). See the La Veta Chamber of Commerce Web-site for other accommodations.

Directions and Camping

Detailed directions to the Adagio Conference Center and camping information.


For more information and to apply, please contact:

Robert Waterman

About Robert Waterman and His Approach

robert-watermanApproach: I work with groups from a spiritual mantel (or dispensation) that is always lifting each participant to a higher quality experience of their innate wholeness. Through this lifting matrix and heart-centered presence, higher consciousness uses the participants present state as the fulcrum for resolution and transformation. My capacity to be present in a state of unconditional love gives me the ability to know and to share that with you in a useful way. We begin from where you are as the gateway to where you want to go. The transformation yields a greater sense of self as Soul and through that access all things are possible. My early training was in the form of accessing the deeper mysteries through statements by Jesus in the Christian Bible. Having said that, a quality of my higher nature enables me to apply my focus from whatever spiritual experience or teaching brings you to this mystery schoolroom.

About: Robert D. Waterman, EdD, LPCC, has been teaching ancient wisdom applied to modern living for over thirty years, conducting classes throughout the United States and in Europe. He has a doctorate in Counseling and Education and a Masters in Sociology. He is founder and president emeritus of Southwestern College, and founding president of the Quimby Amenti Foundation. He is a licensed counselor in the state of New Mexico.