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Seeds of Spirit: The Harvest of P. P. Quimby

By Robert Waterman

The words were like keys that opened the pages of my heart. I was young. Like Paul, I wanted to be “face to face.” Like John, I wanted to see the “sky open.” Like Jesus, I wanted to be “one with.” Like the Pentacost, I wanted to experience the “mystical wind.”  Ancient seeds fell on fertile soul. One day they sprouted. The sky did open and after that I could gaze into the seeming inner darkness. Images and metaphoric scriptures emerged. It seemed that the true message was for the outer word to awaken the inner ones. The “wind” of spirit spoke to me through my soul.
I began meeting people who experienced and delivered the ancient teachings in a real and tangible way. No more dogma covering the shadows of fear nor political agendas passing as inspired guidance. After my fragile beginning and many interesting discussion with people who had no experience to offer, I was meeting people who experienced spirit and could do things. Christ, to them, was real, up close and personal, in contrast to abstract, historical and dogmatic.
I met Phenius Parkhurts Quimby in Alamogordo, New Mexico. That may seem strange to say, since he allegedly passed in 1866. Trust me, things are never as they seem. That was a scientific principle for Quimby. I went to Alamogordo to study with Dr. Hunter who I met in Santa Barbara, California, in 1966. She was like a circuit rider. She traveled around the United States and parts of Canada, teaching and giving readings similar to Edgar Cayce. She went into a trance state, and an alter-ego would speak that called itself Dr. Gordon, who subsequently revealed that he was Quimby in his past life.
Dr. Hunter, John Clark MacDougall, and Ellavivian Power developed an energy healing that they called Aura Balancing. When I met Dr. Hunter in Santa Barbara, I had dropped out of the University of Santa Barbara. I was overwhelmed and stuck. When my first Aura Balancing was over, my reality was entirely different. I was clear, aligned, motivated and alert. I re-enrolled and soon graduated. I had directly experienced the healing of Quimby. In my session, Dr Hunter, and her colleague, cleared blocks and congestion in my aura. The aura is a morphic field that surrounds and penetrates the physical body. The beliefs held in this field inform our health and mental emotional balance. The physicist, David Bohm, called the field the implicate order. Sheldrick called it the morphogenetic, or morphic, field, meaning form making field.
The process was simple. Through a prayer the practitioner aligned with the Holy Spirit (wholeness), merged fields with the client, engaged blocks and distortions detected in the field, dissolved or balanced these aberrations. The balancing actions occurred through a spiritual action enabled by the practitioner’s witness. The session ended when the field appeared light filled and  felt whole, smooth and silky. The practitioner then disentangled from the client’s field through a closing process. The practitioner began with an intention to serve the client, but made no promises.  Jesus said, “what you tell God in secret will be given to you openly and abundantly.” That is an amazing statement. In other words, in the balancing the intention is given into the wholeness of spirit while the practitioner engages the point in the field and watches God work according to its own wisdom rather that the agenda of the practitioner. Change happens and client’s heal and transform. At the time of my first experience, I was amazed. My amazement continues. Each session is a predictable mystery.  The physical symptom may change and the healing is a change of heart. That is not an excuse. It is a truth. A love filled life is the greatest healing.
One day when I was in a class with Dr. Hunter/Gordon, I looked over at her, and clear as day, there sat Quimby, for a moment, then his image was gone. From then on, I felt I had personally met the man and that I had a collegial relationship with him. Cool. I could say: “well Park (his nickname) what do you think of this?
Quimby, like quantum physicists of today, looked at “science” as everything outside of what we conventionally call science. This is the same contrast as Newtonian and Quantum Physics. Seeds of Spirit. In his day, Quimby sat with his client and explained to them that dis-ease was caused by beliefs that blocked and distorted the easy access to the inner Christ. He called his approach the “Science of the Christ.” Once the client had reconciled their beliefs, Quimby “worked with them silently.”  These same steps appear in the Balancing work: Merge with the client in the spirit of the Christ, give to God the intention to heal, engage the blocking beliefs and distorted energy, deconstruct, then witness and observe the transformation of the energy as information, which then informs the client’s reality differently.  The client experiences healing. This healing manifest through the highest good from the perspective of the Soul, so it is often more then expected and is frequently different than expected.
As a renewal of the healing taught by Jesus, Quimby was actually a second seeding. Through his teaching as Dr. Hunter’s alter ego, Aura Balancing developed beginning in the early 1960’s. The Aura Balancing was like a third seeding. The way a seed works is that you formulate its’ matrix and then plant it in human experience. It grows in the collective field of the unconscious. As balancing evolved, I expanded it into Noetic Balancing. I did this because, over time, our experience revealed a much broader action than the personal aura. We were engaging a field that was the entire matrix of which the aura, as we understood it, was the immediate morphic field of the body.
More recently, those original seeds are sprouting through seemingly unrelated sources. A morphic field began with Jesus and Quimby that is expanding into increasingly new application through the consciousness of humanity. When we connect with this field, we can know what the field knows.
One of the more dramatic contemporary harvests is Matrixenergetics, developed by Dr. Richard Bartlet. Perhaps, I should say, continually developed by Dr. Bartlet. Essentially, he merges with the matrix–what I call the noetic field and Bohm calls the implicate order–and moves into a rapport with the client with the intention to heal often using the symptom of the client as a starting reference, notices and connects with two points on the client’s physical body or in their field, drops his consciousness into the wholeness, and the reality of the client changes. Where have we seen this program before?
I would like to include one other healer in this discussion, Vianna Steible. She developed Theta Healing. Through her conversations with God, she applies the same elements. She connects with All That Is, either through merging with the matrix of going up and connecting with the field of universal love. Once connected, she places an intention with the Father-Mother God, All That Is, by stating that it is commanded that the change in condition occur. She gives thanks. Moves her awareness to witness and observes the healing occur, watching the change in reality.  She continues to observe until the transformation is complete.
From the seeding of Quimby, the harvest is great. Noetic Balancing, Thetahealing, Re-connective Therapy, and Matrixenergetics are examples that I know about that apply the essential elements of the Science of the Christ. The “silent work” as Quimby refered to it is key. Would you like to test the waters?

Be with a friend, client, colleague. Sit or stand. Engage your connectedness and through that kinship you are in rapport with each other. With your hand, touch the frequency of this rapport. You can sense it clearly with your touch, and in the rapport of the surrounding field. Give thanks for the presence of living love. Give thanks for the presence of the Christ and Holy Spirit, if you like. Give thanks for the presence of Allah, or the Buddha consciousness, if you like. Give thanks. Realize that this is your reality and that your colleague is a mirror within that realty as you are a mirror within hers, within his. There is nothing to fix, no problem to solve. Ask your colleague to tell you their concern. This is the intention you will give to God, All That is, through your connectedness, your kinship. You are involved in Divine collaboration to shift realty to one that is preferred. The intention brackets or selects the frequency and points of contact, the index, the reality transformation. With your fingertips touch the indexed points in the field of your colleague. This is a measure. You might touch the body, if that is where the field points are. You will feel the contact. As you find the contact points, align in your connectedness, in your center. Take a deep breath, and drop into the wholeness, the All That is. You are the stone dropping into the oceanic arms of All That Is. Move with the experience. Ask what she/he is experiencing. What is your experience?

The harvest of the Quimby seed has just begun.

The basic elements are:

•    Be present relinquishing any need or agenda to fix.
•    Connect through your kinship with the matrix of  All That Is.
•    Engage through morphic field with serving intention.
•    Drop into your heart, releasing intention.
•    Be present and observe the way of universal love.

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What Can I Expect From Noetic Balancing?

By Robert D. Waterman

The noetic practitioner promises nothing. We invite you to  come to the session with no expectation. We will ask you why you came. In fact we may encourage you to make a list. The intention is for transformation to occur in these areas. The promise, the expectation, is that anything may or may not occur.  We will not focus on fixing your life or your  illness. Having said that, lives change and symptoms disappear. Well, you say, ” how can that be?  You say you don’t promise anything, yet you say the change I want can happen.” And, we also say, “It may not happen.”

A change in perspective is needed. Energy is information. This is the meaning of noetic. When we exert will to change the cause and effect of the physical, psychic, world we perpetuate the reality of the disturbances we want to change. When we go into our hearts and give the intention to change into the noetic expanse of  unconditional love, the information that informs our current reality changes.  When we change information, the conditions in our life changes. The universal level of our heart informs a new way of being.  The new way of being finds its way into our life through our life. This  can be instantaneous of take a while. We trust our symptom to help us change.  We have to engage our symptoms, because that is want is going on in our life  and that reflects precisely what we want to change. Our mind can know we want change and know what change we want, but doesn’t know how to change.  So, no promises.  Expectations will keep you from realizing the deeper expression of life that you were born to fulfill.

A Love is available through our wholeness, through higher consciousness, that is unconditional and non-inflictive. That is it won’t interfere with your choices a purposes. It will respond to you intentions to change in keeping with the highest good. When fear comes between our love and the endeavors we want to accomplish, the noetic field responds and gives you you idea of what is going on. Said another way you get more of the same. Noetic Balancing reconnects us with our  true source of self, which we call  Soul. Soul lives in a universe of unconditional love and manifest itself through grace.  We have heard this before.  What we fear will come upon us. Fear wants to fix the symptom. Love wants you to have what the symptom is blocking.  The symptom points to packets of fear and the beliefs that support those fears.  When we use self forgiveness in the balancing session, you reconnect with your higher power.  In the action of transformation, healing can occur. From the perspective of the soul, we change our reality to one in which the symptom or issue is erased. The cure we seek is a change in reality, and that is the changes the disturbances into a new state of existence.

Noetic Balancing orriginated with the practices of Phineaus Parkhurst Quimby, a transcendentalist who, in the 1800’s, developed what he called the Science of the Christ. Simply put, within each of us is  field of consciousness that is universal love. The expression of universal love is what he called the Christ.  Our beliefs make us live as if this is not so. Quimby explained to his clients that their dis-ease was caused by beliefs that blocked or distorted their ability to resources the inner Christ.  What does that mean in terms of Noetic Balancing? We work with you to deconstruct these beliefs and by so doing change the information that informs your reality.  Then, Quimby would work in silence. This is  key. He became a state of radical non-agenda. He became nothing. By becoming nothing, he became all, while being in service to the intention of his client’s transformation.  People became healed who visited Quimby.  Did he do it?  I wasn’t there. I am here and now. That is  a state of non-agenda. Look at what the moment brings you. When you deconstruct your beliefs about your condition the moment brings you love and love reorganizes reality.

So, bring your symptoms, and come for love.  When you come for a Noetic Balancing, embrace all possibility.

Balancings last for three days

Rebecca on the train to Paris

At the end of the balancing we share with people that balancings last for three days. I was curious as to what happens in those three days so I asked a client if she would send me her journaling after each balancing. This particular client had been coming for balancings for several years and had skill in tracking her internal process. I found her writings insightful and revealing as  her soul worked with her in the days following the balancing.

As is sometimes typical, she experienced a major emotional release of some kind. Or the lightness of one day would be followed by the black mood of another.  Or her awareness of a certain negative mind pattern would suddenly become keenly apparent with new insights and ah-has. She also wrote about how differently she felt in her body – like having a new skin or shedding an old one.

This journal excerpt was after a balancing that had a lot to do with freeing her creativity.

On the second day after my aura balancing, I again noticed my mood was calm and relaxed. I made plans to help out my friend  at the Eldorado Art Fair, and instead of dreading the long day manning the booth, I was looking forward to seeing her and meeting new people. I always tease her that I’m ready to meet my new husband, and this time I really am excited about it!

I lit the candles for my two basic selves and contemplated their pictures. Behind them is a series of pictures I took of the woods near my childhood home in Ohio. I used to roam those woods and make up stories of being an Indian maiden, or an archaeologist looking for dinosaur bones in the dry creek beds. The explorer in me, the fearless risk-taker was free in the woods. I always go back there when I visit Ohio, and I glimpse a part of me that I want to recover. Having the pictures as a backdrop to my basic selves reminds me that I am letting them inch towards each other to reconnect and rejoin forces. I want all the parts of me to rejoice together and lead me to the recognition of my wholeness. I want peace and cooperation, not warfare from my two sides. So I let the candles burn and smell the sweetness (sugar cookie scent!).

Her playfulness with integrating two Basic Selves was inspiring. Often we forget, I think, that allowing forgotten aspects to reconnect can be fun and lighthearted. As it turned out, she was so successful communicating in a new way that her inner Ohio woods became a visioning playground for her Soul to download all kinds of creative ideas and possibilities.

I now suggest to my balancing clients to write down their thoughts, dreams and intuitive flashes for those three days. When the channels are open and clear all manner of higher wisdom and guidance can show up- perhaps even sugar-cookie-scented!

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Here’s to the joy ful expansion of sharing this wonderful work with the world!
Blessings, Rebecca