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The Association of Noetic Practitioners has a brand new website

Noetic Practitioners practice a heart-based approach to health and wellbeing. To find out more about noetic practitioners or to locate a practitioner near you, Click Here to take a look:

We have a beautiful new mystery school website.

  If you are interested in classes, programs and the work of Robert Waterman and Karey Thorne, you will love the new website dedicated to the Ways and Means of The Power of Love.  Click Here to take a look:  

Seeds of Spirit: The Harvest of P. P. Quimby

By Robert Waterman The words were like keys that opened the pages of my heart. I was young. Like Paul, I wanted to be “face to face.” Like John, I wanted to see the “sky open.” Like Jesus, I wanted to be “one with.” Like the Pentacost, I wanted to experience the “mystical wind.”  Ancient […]

What Can I Expect From Noetic Balancing?

By Robert D. Waterman The noetic practitioner promises nothing. We invite you to  come to the session with no expectation. We will ask you why you came. In fact we may encourage you to make a list. The intention is for transformation to occur in these areas. The promise, the expectation, is that anything may […]

Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to the new Amenti Mystery School website. Please spend some time looking around. We hope in the weeks and months ahead to post interesting and informative blogs about topics and experiences that will be uplifting and inspiring to you. Come back often! AND we welcome your comments! So don’t be shy. Here’s to the […]