Children’s Mystery School

In all traditions and religions there are similar teachings about divinity. I will be drawing from the esoteric parts of these traditions. In this class children will be introduced to these universal teachings. The main premise will be that an essence of divinity resides in each of us. We often sense this as feeling connected, or an awareness of loving, joy, peacefulness, or a quiet stillness. This class will assist children to build their understanding of this aspect of themselves and give them practices to strengthen this connected feeling. How do they choose this part of themselves when life challenges them? How do they learn to live from and listen to this part of themselves? If this divinity is in each of them what does this mean in terms of how they treat each other and themselves? When they learn to do this they each participate in creating a more peaceful world. These are powerful insights that children take very deeply to heart and realize that they have choices and can be helpful in assisting themselves and the world into a better place by holding a loving focus. This class will be experiential. Groups can be ages 10-13, 14-16 or 17-20.

This class is followed by an evening parent’s meeting. I will go over with parents what we covered with their children and ways that the learning’s can be incorporated into every day life at home.
This workshop is available upon request.

Taught by Karey Thorne.


March 5-6, 2016
Neuchatel, Switzerland
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To register please mail tuition to: 41 Verano Loop, Santa Fe, NM 87508.

Please include your name, address, e-mail and phone number. For European classes contact Karey at 505-466-8385 or She will get you in touch with the person organizing in each area.

About the Facilitator

Karey Thorne

Karey Thorne

Karey Thorne is a therapist and educator who conducts workshops in the United States, Europe and Asia. For the past 15 years she has taught peace studies classes at the high school and college level, and conducts international service internships with students, in Cambodia, China, and Kenya. As head of PeaceJam New Mexico she organized 6 international peace conferences, in which Nobel Peace Laureates met with youth. She has been in private practice as a therapist for 19 years. In all of her work she incorporates a spiritual perspective, which is the core of her approach to peace and transformation in the world. She is Executive Director of Heart to Hands, a non-profit that works with developing transformational leaders for the future through education and service to others. She has a BA in Political Science and Asian Studies from the University of Puget Sound, and an MA in Counseling from Southwestern College and is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Therapist.