Dixie Clark, MS, MSS, LPC

Dixie Clark is a licensed counselor as well as an ordained minister, and is co-founder and director of The Morning Star Center. She has extensive training in mind/body therapies, and over 25 years experience in helping people move through transitions and release patterns that block their connection to Spirit. Dixie works on emotional, mental, and spiritual levels to assist others to clear emotional blocks, heal past trauma and change limiting beliefs.

Her studies with Robert Waterman in both the Mystery School and Noetic Field Practitioner Program transformed her work and deepened her own soul awareness. Aura balancing and Noetic Field counseling are an integral part of the work she does.

Dixie comes from a place of deep respect and empathy for each person, and honors their experience. Her intention is to live a soul centered life, & to assist others on the same path.


Personal Message

“I believe that each of us has a specific life purpose, with lessons we’re here to learn and unique gifts we’re here to develop and share. When we learn to honor all parts of ourselves, and align on all levels with what we want, absolute magic occurs. I am in awe of this process of transformation, and grateful to have it be my life’s work.

What Others Have Said

“My sessions of aura balancing have been absolutely life changing. I have been doing energetic and personal growth for years, but there was a level of imbalance that I had not been able to reach. Aura balancing with Dixie was able to facilitate its unfolding in a way that was comfortable, efficient, and somewhat mind blowing. I could feel myself shift at a cellular level and old anxiety that I had been carrying around for years was completely diminished. The forgiveness work runs so deep that I was able to shed old thinking patterns and felt tremendously lighter with each subsequent session. It felt like I had done many months of work in just one session. This work is priceless and I have sent many clients to help complement the coaching work and bodywork that I do with them. I commend Dixie for being able to facilitate this amazing work.”
-Melanie O.

“I was diagnosed with Stage 4 rectal cancer that had metastasized to my liver. To say that Dixie has been invaluable in helping me navigate this unpredictable, overwhelming, and often painful journey is a profound understatement. She has been my touchstone of love, compassion, clarity, calm, hope and joy. Her gentle wisdom brings a calming ability to help me see what I know to be true and face that which I cannot know with peace and faith. Dixie has a transcendent spiritual nature that has brought about profound changes in me that are really beyond verbal description. Dixie spent several sessions balancing my aura. That has been one of the most truly profound, eye opening and life affirming experiences of my 45 years in this world. I feel as if I am being wrapped in the softest, most unconditionally loving blanket of warmth and joyful color. Her skills as a beautiful, truthful and compassionate human being are the basis from which all her work springs.”
-Tracy I.