Grace Base Reality

Of the deep soul purposes that propel human evolution, Grace is fundamental. The spiritual promise is always for each of us to deepen our sense of who we are, realize our holiness, actualize our dreams, and to live a grace based reality.

The three pillars are: love, life and resolution. Love is Source. Life is mirror. Resolution transforms Life into Grace. Grace is the confluence of Life and Love. The focus of the retreat is to shift the bases of our reality from fear/excuse/ego based reality to soul/grace based reality and to learn ways to sustain the foundation of Grace. As a means of developing tools and skill sets we will further explore the applied themes of the ABC’s of grace based living (Access, Balance, Center) as a means of strengthening your capacity to fully live in grace based reality. We will approach these topics from the perspective of each participant. When the present moment is made sacred, God resolves all things for our highest good and restores us to our Souls.

I look forward to sharing and facilitating this experience with you. The retreat is designed for 9 to 12 people so that I can work in depth with each participant. (25 counselor CEU’s available)


La Veta, Colorado




Begins on Thursday at 10am and concludes on Sunday at 1pm. (Recommend that you arrive the evening before.)


$900 per participant payed by 45 days prior to event. $950 at the event. All participants need to register and send a $300 non-refundable deposit to reserve a space in the retreat.


Up to six people can stay at the Adagio House in shared rooms, kitchen is available. Lodging is $50 per night, per person. Similar accommodation are available in the area.

Directions and Camping

Detailed directions to the Adagio Conference Center and camping information.


For more information and to apply, please contact:

Robert Waterman

About the La Veta, Colorado Location

Adagio House Center
Adagio is a musical term for a passage in slow time. For me it is our conference facility in La Veta, Colorado where we can have in depth classes away from our regular lives. Our facility is a 600 square foot studio and a vintage house. The classes meet in the studio. The village of La Veta is at the base of the magnificent Spanish Peaks (Huajatolla) in Southern Colorado, 3 hours South of Denver and 3 ½ hours North of Santa Fe. The Adagio conference center is at 818 Oak St, La Veta, Colorado, West on highway 160 from Walsenberg, 12 miles off of interstate 25.

Twin Peaks Vortex

The valley is held in an ancient vortex of energy that offers peace and transformation when one is willing to relax and use the contour and beauty as a metaphor for inner discover. The legend of the valley speaks of an ancient “Eden” in which the unfolding of life came upon the sacred winds, rain, light and sound directly from the spiritual realms. The glamour and greed for life followed the dense cycle of the Earth. The vital currents of the Earth vortex receded. Now we live in a time when the vortex is reactivating and the Beings in the spiritual city over La Veta extend an invitation for a new relationships with valley inhabitants. As we continue our activity at Adagio House, we experience an increasing intimacy with the transcendent qualities of the area. So, Adagio is more than a place away. It is a place within.

About Robert Waterman and His Approach

robert-watermanApproach: I work with groups from a spiritual mantel (or dispensation) that is always lifting each participant to a higher quality experience of their innate wholeness. Through this lifting matrix and heart-centered presence, higher consciousness uses the participants present state as the fulcrum for resolution and transformation. My capacity to be present in a state of unconditional love gives me the ability to know and to share that with you in a useful way. We begin from where you are as the gateway to where you want to go. The transformation yields a greater sense of self as Soul and through that access all things are possible. My early training was in the form of accessing the deeper mysteries through statements by Jesus in the Christian Bible. Having said that, a quality of my higher nature enables me to apply my focus from whatever spiritual experience or teaching brings you to this mystery schoolroom.

About: Robert D. Waterman, EdD, LPCC, has been teaching ancient wisdom applied to modern living for over thirty years, conducting classes throughout the United States and in Europe. He has a doctorate in Counseling and Education and a Masters in Sociology. He is founder and president emeritus of Southwestern College, and founding president of the Quimby Amenti Foundation. He is a licensed counselor in the state of New Mexico.