Heart to Hands Project Internships

This is an opportunity do service projects in the world. We create service opportunities with people of the country we are visiting so it is also a cross-cultural experience. These often green building project, teaching, making gardens, water harvesting, or working along side villagers and students in another country. We have placements in Cambodia, China, and Kenya. The internships are an opportunity to try on what was learned in leadership and hone your skills at staying centered and in loving no matter what is going on around you. Service projects can be from 2 weeks to 6 months long and can be customized to serve your group or family.

Kumming, China

This trip will arrive in Kunming City, which is the ethnic part of China. You will have a few days of becoming familiar with the city. Your hosts will be Chinese University students who speak English and will be accompanying you on the service project in the rural village. Doing Tia Chi in the mornings in the city park, listening and watching the many dancers and singers that frequent the park and shopping. Going to Stone Forest for a day of hiking. Also working on a renovation project painting a wall in Kunming for one afternoon. Then travel to a beautiful Yi Village, in the mountains, 3 hours south of Kunming. Here you will stay in the village for 5 days and work on a water restoration project along with the village members and Chinese University Students. Half of your day will be spend on building with the water restoration project and the second half of the day will be spend teaching the children of the village. Then you will return to Kunming for a day of rest, and fly to Zhongdian, the Tibetan part of China. In this old town the Tibetans dance at night in square, you will visit monasteries and Tibetan villages. We even know of a fairly secret Tibetan women’s nunnery, which we will visit. Then you will travel to Tiger Leaping Gorge (1 ½ hours) and then to Lijiang, an old city with minority Naxi people for one afternoon. Then you will fly back to Kunming and then back to the US.

Cost is $3600, which includes airfare from Los Angeles to Kunming, service project in rural village and travel while in China and the Leadership Class. We do have some scholarship monies this year. You are responsible for getting yourself to Los Angeles.

For more information: call 505-466-8385 or email: Kareycolleen@aol.com. More information is also available at the Hearts to Hands website.