Living the Spiritual Promise

The spiritual promise is always for each of us to deepen our sense of who we are, realize our holiness, actualize our dreams, and to live a grace based reality. Promise implies the resources and blessings already exist and it is up to us to organize ourselves and our lives in a way that can fulfill the that promise.

In this workshop we will explore the ABC’s (Access, Balance, Center) of living the spiritual promise. We will begin the seminar by discovering and strengthening the ways each of us accesses our truth and essence. By so doing we can resource our innate wisdom and our connectedness to All That Is. Then we will practice Centering. Aligning in our center anchor our access in a way that enable us to manifest balance and fulfillment. Finally, we will explore the skills that enable us to discover the true meaning in the events of our lives and the transformative power that is innate in daily living. We will approach these topics from the perspective of each participant. When the present moment is made sacred, God resolves all things for our highest good and restores us to our Souls.


Atlanta, Georgia


January 22-24, 2010


Begins 6:30pm Friday; 10am – 6pm Friday, 10am – 5pm Sunday




For more information and to apply, please contact:

Christine Spence

About Robert Waterman and His Approach

robert-watermanApproach: I work with groups from a spiritual mantel (or dispensation) that is always lifting each participant to a higher quality experience of their innate wholeness. Through this lifting matrix and heart-centered presence, higher consciousness uses the participants present state as the fulcrum for resolution and transformation. My capacity to be present in a state of unconditional love gives me the ability to know and to share that with you in a useful way. We begin from where you are as the gateway to where you want to go. The transformation yields a greater sense of self as Soul and through that access all things are possible. My early training was in the form of accessing the deeper mysteries through statements by Jesus in the Christian Bible. Having said that, a quality of my higher nature enables me to apply my focus from whatever spiritual experience or teaching brings you to this mystery schoolroom.

About: Robert D. Waterman, EdD, LPCC, has been teaching ancient wisdom applied to modern living for over thirty years, conducting classes throughout the United States and in Europe. He has a doctorate in Counseling and Education and a Masters in Sociology. He is founder and president emeritus of Southwestern College, and founding president of the Quimby Amenti Foundation. He is a licensed counselor in the state of New Mexico.