Loving the way to Grace

Loving: the keys to entering a world filled with grace.

This is a workshop to explore how to come into a new relationship with yourself. How do we really learn to live from a centered loving place? How do we deepen into knowing ourselves as the loving, as divinity? We need to remind ourselves how to live in the world from this centered loving space. The world and our false-self entice’s us out of our loving. In this workshop we will identify the clues as we start this descent away from ourselves.

As a group we come together and build a field of energy that lifts everyone into a new space of understanding this field of loving which can awaken so many new things into our lives.

Reality is a reflection of where we are in our consciousness, or how we are perceiving, so as we shift to higher realities inside ourselves our exterior world is required to shift to meet us.




Oct 26,27,28, 2013


Cost 340 euros Early registration 315 euros


Christiane: giothill@vo.lu

Email Karey at Kareycolleen@aol.com with questions.

About the Facilitator

Karey Thorne

Karey Thorne

Karey Thorne is a therapist and educator who conducts workshops in the United States, Europe and Asia. For the past 15 years she has taught peace studies classes at the high school and college level, and conducts international service internships with students, in Cambodia, China, and Kenya. As head of PeaceJam New Mexico she organized 6 international peace conferences, in which Nobel Peace Laureates met with youth. She has been in private practice as a therapist for 19 years. In all of her work she incorporates a spiritual perspective, which is the core of her approach to peace and transformation in the world. She is Executive Director of Heart to Hands, a non-profit that works with developing transformational leaders for the future through education and service to others. www.hearttohands.org. She has a BA in Political Science and Asian Studies from the University of Puget Sound, and an MA in Counseling from Southwestern College and is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Therapist.