Noegenesis Mystery School Course – DH

Presented by Danielle Hampton


The mystery school is now presenting in three sequential four day modules. Each one will be a separate event and, though you will need to take them in sequence, you will not have to register for the entire set in order to take one.

Note: We are pleased to announce that Noetic Field Therapy Training (Noetic Practitioner Training): East Coast class is coming! The Mystery School classes are a pre-requisite to this training!

About the Mystery School

Living the love, intelligence and power of our soul nature is the key to transforming ourselves, our communities, societies and cultures. The guiding principle of the mystery school is to draw-out, illuminate, and apply the ancient teachings that are inscribed in the spiritual heart of each person, as well as, the mystery teaching that are embedded in the sacred geometries of our light-bodies, encoded in our DNA, and symbolized into the fabric of our lives. In the mystery teaching, each person is on a sacred mission to awaken to Soul, to create a conscious affiliation with the spiritual realms, and to actualize multi-dimensional resources. We live in a time when we can fulfill this mission now, rather than later, or much later. The choice is ours, and the propitious time is eminent.
This is a profound process in which learning to live in the present is a key. Noegenisis means to apprehend new understanding directly from experience. This is the way of the spiritual scientist and spiritual warrior. We demystify our lives in order to reveal the mystery of life. Each module explores aspects of our journey inward into soul and outward to into graceful living.

  • Module One

    In the first module, we learn to live in the present. A mystical awakening occurs that centers us in our earth/heaven alignment, our hearts open and our inner mystery school illuminates. We merge with the inner master and integrate our talents with our innate co-creative kinship with All That Is. As we embrace our multidimensional nature, the experience of restoration begins. As a presence in daily experience, we more readily learn directly from experience, enhancing our quality and skill of living. Centering in Living Love, we increasingly transform our lives into a grace-based reality.

  • Module Two

    In the second module, we practice our alignment and kinship to discover and transform the beliefs and thought forms that limit our reality and distort our understanding of who we are. At this point, we are well aware of ourselves as energy and can resolve our fantasy living and false-self programing. By changing beliefs, we change the information that informs our reality. In this way we more fully understand remedy through reality change.

  • Module Three

    In the third module, we go directly to the relationship of ourselves as ego and divine self and increase this integration through activation of the spiritual geometry of our light body and DNA. As the circulation of light and sound increasingly realigns and resources the matrix of our primal being, we shift more fully into self as soul, integrating the archetypal elements of our spiritual form. We become more effective in our ability to be present and through presence discover the mystery through noegenesis.

    Curriculum and text by Robert Waterman

Dates and Locations

Module One
January 13 – 16, 2011
Great Barrington, Mass.

Module One
February 17 – 20, 2011
Great Barrington, Mass.

Module Two
May 5 – 8, 2011
Great Barrington, Mass.

Module Three
August 18-21, 2011
Great Barrington, Mass.


Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10 am to 6 pm , Sunday 10 am to 4 pm on.


$700 if paid 30 days in advance, $750 if paid in full on starting day of the class for each module. Payment plans by special request.
Graduates: 3/4 tuition


Application and acceptance process; completion of the preceding Module.


Send Name, Address, Phone, e-mail and a $200 deposit to Danielle Hampton, 4 Avery Ln, Great Barrington, Mass. 01230. Payment by Pay-Pal and credit card available.


For more information contact:
Danielle Hampton, or 413 528-8857

About Danielle Hampton, L.Ac., D.O.M. (NM)

With a healing arts foundation in acupuncture and Chinese herbs, Danielle Hampton is a sought-after energy medicine practitioner, coach and educator. Her highly successful practice draws not only upon her background in Oriental medicine, but also on a variety of other effective energy medicine modalities, such as Noetic Field Therapy, NeuroModulation Technique, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Her years of dedicated spiritual studies and consciousness research provide a deep wisdom foundation for her work.

Danielle is a licensed acupuncturist who received her Doctor of Oriental Medicine degree from The International Institute for Chinese Medicine, New Mexico. Committed to personal transformation and the upliftment of all whom she meets and works with, she is widely known for her keen intuition, deep caring and understanding of subtle factors that affect health and well-being. In practice for more than 15 years, she currently works out of Great Barrington, MA and New York City, as well as through Canyon Ranch, Lenox, MA.

As a facilitator, lecturer and educator, Danielle synthesizes the best from her extensive studies and experience. She offers a variety of lectures, workshops and courses on physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health, and is able to tailor a program to meet specific needs within the scope of her work. She is available to travel on request.