Noegenesis Mystery School Course

Presented by Robert Waterman & Karey Thorne

The mystery school is now presenting in three sequential four day modules. Each one will be a separate event and, though you will need to take them in sequence, you will not have to register for the entire set in order to take one.

About the Mystery School

My teaching continues to be by a spiritual presence that lifts and introduces each of us to increasingly deeper levels of true self. We follow a soul-centered process in which we discover our innate ageless wisdom and resolve limiting beliefs and cultural thought forms that restrict or distort the natural soul’s expression through our mind, emotions, imagination and physical body. Love is the true transformer and is the basis that makes all else possible. This is a profound process in which learning to live in the present is a key. Noegenisis means to apprehend new understanding directly from experience. This is the way of the spiritual scientist and spiritual warrior. We demystify our lives in order to reveal the mystery of life. Each module explores aspects of our journey inward into soul and outward to into graceful living.

  • Module One

    In the first module, we learn to live in the present. A mystical awakening occurs that centers us in our earth/heaven alignment, our hearts open and the our inner mystery school illuminates. We merge with the inner master and integrate our talents with our innate co-creative kinship with All That Is. As we embrace our multidimensional nature, the experience of restoration begins. As a presence in daily experience, we more readily learn directly from experience, enhancing our qualify and skill of living. Centering in Living Love, we increasingly transform our lives into a grace based reality.

  • Module Two

    In the second module, we practice our alignment and kinship to discover and transform the beliefs and thought forms that limit our reality and distort our understanding of who we are. At this point, we are well aware of ourselves as energy and can resolve our fantasy living and false self programing. By changing beliefs, we change the information that informs our reality. In this way we more fully understand remedy through reality change.

  • Module Three

    In the third module, we go directly to the relationship of ourselves as ego and divine self and increase this integration through activation of the spiritual geometry of our light body and DNA. As the circulation of light and sound increasingly realigns and resources the matrix of our primal being, we shift more fully into self as soul, integrating the archetypal elements of our spiritual form. We become more effective in our ability to be present and through presence discover the mystery through noegenesis.

Noegenesis Mystery School in the USA

Santa Fe Dates and Locations

Module One: November 10-13, 2016 – Santa Fe, New Mexico
Module Two: TBA – Santa Fe, New Mexico
Module Three: TBA – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Other US Dates and Locations

Module One: TBA – Austin, Texas with Robert and Karey.
Contact: Candy or Rosie: email:

Module One: TBA – Santa Barbara, CA
Module Two:TBA – Santa Barbara, CA
Contact: Candy: email:

Module Three: TBA – Santa Barbara, CA with Robert and Karey.
Contact: Candy: email:


Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9:30 am to 6 pm , Sunday 9:30 am to 4 pm on.

Santa Fe Tuition

$850 ($750 if paid 30 days in advance) for each module. Audits: 3/4 tuition

Tuition in Other US Cities

$950 ($850 if paid 30 days in advance) for each module. Audits: 3/4 tuition


Send Name, Address, Phone, e-mail and a $200 deposit to Robert Waterman, 41 Verano Loop, Santa Fe, NM, 87508. Payment by Pay-Pal available.


For more information contact: Robert Waterman, or 505-466-8385. 26 New Mexico Counselor ceu’s per module.

Noegenesis Mystery School in Europe

In Europe the mystery school is presented in three separate four day modules called: Mystery School I, II, III and then the Advanced Mystery School of the USA is called: Mystery School IV or Mystery School Retreat.

Dates and Locations


Mystery School Two with Robert
October 6-9, 2016 / Neuchatel
Contact: Veronique Sandoz, email:

Advanced European Retreat with Robert & Karey
October 13-16, 2016 / Neuchatel
Contact: Aline:

Noetic Field Therapy Balancing with Robert
October 20-23, 2016 / Neuchatel
Contact: Dominique:, email:


Noetic Field Therapy Balancing Three with Robert
October 1-4, 2015 / Neuchatel
Contact: Dominique:, email:

Mystery School Three with Robert
October 8-11, 2015 / Neuchatel
Contact: Veronique Sandoz, email:



Mystery School Two
February 26 – April 1, 2015
Contact: Christiane:

About Robert Waterman and His Approach

robert-watermanApproach: I work with groups from a spiritual mantel (or dispensation) that is always lifting each participant to a higher quality experience of their innate wholeness. Through this lifting matrix and heart-centered presence, higher consciousness uses the participants present state as the fulcrum for resolution and transformation. My capacity to be present in a state of unconditional love gives me the ability to know and to share that with you in a useful way. We begin from where you are as the gateway to where you want to go. The transformation yields a greater sense of self as Soul and through that access all things are possible. My early training was in the form of accessing the deeper mysteries through statements by Jesus in the Christian Bible. Having said that, a quality of my higher nature enables me to apply my focus from whatever spiritual experience or teaching brings you to this mystery schoolroom. About: Robert D. Waterman, EdD, LPCC, has been teaching ancient wisdom applied to modern living for over thirty years, conducting classes throughout the United States and in Europe. He has a doctorate in Counseling and Education and a Masters in Sociology. He is founder and president emeritus of Southwestern College, and founding president of the Quimby Amenti Foundation. He is a licensed counselor in the state of New Mexico.