Noetic Field Therapy Practitioner Program
(Noetic Practitioner Training)

Presented by Danielle Hampton


The Noetic Field Therapy Practitioner Program provides a rigorous foundation in NFT Theory and practice. Participants develop the perceptual awareness, spiritual alignment and therapeutic focus to discern, engage and transform psychological blocks and energetic distortions directly in the field of the client. NFT training is an exceptional opportunity for any mature student or professional that wants to live and work with greater spiritual depth.

Noetic Field Therapy represents the practical application of the essence of Spiritual Psychology in its approach to counseling and personal development, helping you awaken to Source, align with your destiny and develop your inherent spiritual power. NFT begins by honoring Source within you or your holiness, forming a partnership with higher consciousness, and activating a noetic/spiritual field in the therapeutic setting. Obstacles in your life that appear as stumbling blocks become stepping stones. Our lives are purposeful, and trials and tribulations are life’s way of drawing out our potentials and building the inner qualities that fulfill our soul’s plan. We are drawn to situations and circumstances that will enable us to actualize and fulfill our life’s promise. As you center your intention in higher consciousness, your life moves into greater alignment with your transpersonal self, soul, and Source. At the heart of these personal transformative sessions is the impetus to awaken spiritually and strengthen your soul-centered life style.

In The Noetic Field Therapy Practitioner Training you will:

  • Continue the foundation in Noetic Field Therapy™ that began in the Mystery School,
  • Learn applied Noetic Field Therapy as NFT Balancing,
  • Clarify and strengthen your alignment with higher consciousness,
  • Strengthen you in your soul-center as a spiritual counselor, practitioner, or mentor,
  • Develop your spiritual perception and personal Noetic perceptive style,
  • Learn to engage Source and Noetic Field as the curative medium,
  • Awaken to Soul’s Curriculum, how you create, promote or allow everything in your life for your upliftment, growth and education

The application of the curative nature of the noetic field is ancient, finding modern expression in various energy medicine modalities such as therapeutic touch, chi-gung, acupuncture and shamanism. The personal noetic field has classically been called the human aura, this energy field is biblically referred to as a halo, radiance or countenance. Modern physics and Noetic Science identifies this energy field as a complex matrix of interwoven electromagnetic frequencies weaving brain waves, neurobiology and our psychological makeup into consciousness. Yoga psychology views the energy field as an aura surrounding the body, interacting through spiritual and psychological levels via structures called chakras. The inner dimensions of your psyche appear around your physical body as layers of beliefs, emotions and archetypal forms. Any blocks and distortions in this field are caused by physical and emotional issues, past or present trauma, self judgements and limiting beliefs, or from external sources such as pressures from individuals, group/racial/cultural or institutional belief systems. Through engagement with Source and intention, an altered state of consciousness unfolds, enabling the practitioner to discern and engage blocks and distortions directly in the energy field. Through this “spiritual” rapport, the practitioner may then assist in transforming and balancing the consciousness. Transformation occurs through an alliance of intervening spiritual energies, unfolding soul energies, and your own self forgiveness.

Dates and Locations

Fall of 2011. Training dates to be announced.
Great Barrington, Mass., or New York, NY


Six weekends or less depending on enrollment.


Friday evening 6:30-9:30pm; Saturday 9:00am-6:00pm; Sunday 9:00am-5:00pm


$2400 if paid 30 days in advance, $2450 if paid in full on starting day of the class, $425 month by month by special arrangement. Graduates: 3/4 tuition


Completion of the Noegenisis Mystery School, OR completion of Spiritual Science I & II by R. Skeele; NFT Balancing by Danielle or NFT Balancing Practitioner; Application and acceptance process.


Send Name, Address, Phone, e-mail and a $425 deposit to Danielle Hampton, 4 Avery Ln, Great Barrington, Mass. 01230. Payment by Pay-Pal and credit card available.

Upon completion of the Noetic Field Therapy Practitioner Training you will receive a certificate that entitles you to practice as a NFT Balancer (Noetic Practitioner).
You will also be invited to join the Association of Noetic Field Therapy Practitioners (Association of Noetic Practitioners) which offers advanced course and study in the subtle energy fields and advanced techniques in energy balancing and energy therapy.


For more information and a course application form contact:
Danielle Hampton, or 413 528-8857

About Danielle Hampton, L.Ac., D.O.M. (NM)

With a healing arts foundation in acupuncture and Chinese herbs, Danielle Hampton is a sought-after energy medicine practitioner, coach and educator. Her highly successful practice draws not only upon her background in Oriental medicine, but also on a variety of other effective energy medicine modalities, such as Noetic Field Therapy, NeuroModulation Technique, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Her years of dedicated spiritual studies and consciousness research provide a deep wisdom foundation for her work.

Danielle is a licensed acupuncturist who received her Doctor of Oriental Medicine degree from The International Institute for Chinese Medicine, New Mexico. Committed to personal transformation and the upliftment of all whom she meets and works with, she is widely known for her keen intuition, deep caring and understanding of subtle factors that affect health and well-being. In practice for more than 15 years, she currently works out of Great Barrington, MA and New York City, as well as through Canyon Ranch, Lenox, MA.

As a facilitator, lecturer and educator, Danielle synthesizes the best from her extensive studies and experience. She offers a variety of lectures, workshops and courses on physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health, and is able to tailor a program to meet specific needs within the scope of her work. She is available to travel on request.