Noetic Practitioner Training

Beyond the body is an energy field the ancient’s called the ‘aura’. This egg shaped field holds the imprints, impressions, conditionings, habitual thoughts and feelings and ancestral/genetic make up of who you think you are, how you perceive reality and how you interface with your life. Each day more  scientific studies are revealing the direct link between a balanced, vital and uncluttered energy field and your well being– in body, mind, heart and spirit.

Noetic means “new knowledge” or ‘divine knowing’. In the Amenti Mystery school we refer to the Noetic Nature as all of you that exists beyond your physical body – the unseen dimensions, levels, energies and emanations that make you uniquely who you are.  In spiritual language these unseen dimensions are traditionally called the Higher Self, Soul, the Christ Consciousness, etc. In many esoteric texts the names of these bodies are the astral body, emotional body, mental/spiritual body and etheric body.

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The Noetic Balancing Practitioner Training is a professional 6 month intensive experiential study and practice in these unseen dimensions.  As a student you can expect to:

  • Learn the protocol for balancing the aura
  • Receive one on one guidance and instruction from an advanced Noetic Practitioner
  • Give and receive a required number of balancings  through out the training
  • Further explore your spiritual dimensions; deepen your connect and alignment to Spirit and grow in your awareness of Self as Soul.
  • Attain guidance and practice in many advanced techniques which may include balancing the etheric body, the merkaba, archetypal and ancestral levels, DNA/genetic reprogramming

Pre requisites for the professional Training:

  1. Complete the Noegensis Mystery School or Heaven on Earth Wisdom School
  2. Receive a balancing from a Noetic Practitioner
  3. Apply and be accepted

After completing all the requirements of the training you will receive a certificate of completion and invited to join the professional Association of Noetic Practitioners.  40 CEs will be awarded to New Mexico Counselors.

For more Information email Rebecca Skeele or call 505 984-1739

About the Instructors

Rebecca Skeele, MA, MSS, LPCC

As your instructor my intentions are simple: to provide you with the best possible tools, practices and experience so upon completion you feel empowered in your connection to Spirit, confident in your ability to give a Noetic Balancing and inspired to discover how the mystery of who you are will enhance you as a practitioner and as a spiritual being.

In  my many years of doing aura balancings the awe and wonder of working with people in this profound way continues to delight and surprise me. The more I trust and open to who and what I am the more I am met with greater abilities to do and greater awareness of the unlimited potential of this wondrous experience we call life. I am honored to teach the Noetic Balancing Practitioner Training. The training is life changing whether you take it to become a practitioner or for your spiritual growth.  More information about Rebecca