robert-watermanRobert D. Waterman
Dr. Waterman is a gifted teacher and counselor. His depth of experience and spiritual awareness enable him to serve in a clear, simple and direct way. Aligned with a universal spiritual consciousness, his own psychic/spiritual abilities and focus lifts people into a higher internal perspective. He is a licensed mental health counselor in New Mexico, a minister in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, and founder and president emeritus of Southwestern College. He has a doctorate in Education and Counseling, and a Masters in Sociology.


I work with groups from a spiritual mantel (or dispensation)  that is always lifting each participant to a higher quality experience of their innate wholeness. Through this lifting matrix and heart-centered presence, higher consciousness uses the participants present state as the fulcrum for resolution and transformation. My capacity to be present in a state of unconditional love gives me the ability to know and to share that with you in a useful way. We begin from where you are as the gateway to where you want to go. The transformation yields a greater sense of self as Soul and through that access all things are possible.  My early training was in the form of accessing the deeper mysteries through statements by Jesus in the Christian Bible. Having said that, a quality of my higher nature enables me to apply my focus from whatever spiritual experience or teaching brings you to the mystery school. When the present moment is made sacred, God resolves all things for our highest good and restores us to our Souls.

Student Comments

Robert’s work is profound. He is one of the great teachers of our time. The work he presents is on the cutting edge of our emerging and expanding consciousness and education. His insight, clarity, and his joyful way has assisted me in making leaps towards my own success. — Win, practitioner program

I love the way Robert tunes into people. He is able to deconstruct beliefs that are getting in the way. I am so happy I took his training. It was a great investment in my life. — Jan, practitioner program

Robert holds a safe, loving space that gives me the permission to be absolutely genuinely authentic. The result is always insight. He is deeply spiritual and his keen wit is mixed with wonder. I have fun with him. — Lee, Mystery School

Robert comes from a place of love, trust, honesty and integrity. He is laser perceptive. Shifts happen just being in his presence. He has a purity that allows my personal transformation to occur. He is aligned with his own divinity and helps others to align with their divinity and holiness. My life wouldn’t be the same without his influence. He taught me about my soul-space and brought me on center with my own divinity. — Kaley Rose, Mystery School

To sit with Robert in his class is an unspeakable gift. There is an incredible holiness that surrounds and takes over the group. At the end of the day, I am transformed, and my therapeutic skills are greatly enhanced. I am a better therapist thanks to Robert. — Melissa, Mystery School

Robert is a profound, clear reflection of what is there in the moment, and doesn’t reflect his own ego. He has a beautiful message. He supports my own gifts and divine nature. I walked away with amazing tools. He changed my life. — Anika, practitioner program