Scott Walker

I am board certified in Psychiatry and a licensed massage therapist. I also obtained added qualifications in Addiction Psychiatry. I pursued this subspecialty, as this is one area of medicine where spirituality is openly considered (most often in the context of twelve step programs).

As an Assistant Professor of Medicine working in a substance abuse research, treatment and prevention program, I received one of the first grants from the NIH Office of Alternative Medicine (now National Center on Complementary and Alternative Medicine) for a study of intercessory prayer (The surprising results are published in Alternative Therapies, November 1997, Vol.3 No.6 pp 79-86).

About that time, my own native gifts for “hands on healing” emerged. After seeing medically inexplicable events (from biopsy proven cancers disappearing to families estranged for decades suddenly and miraculously coming back together) I pursued training in a number different healing modalities to increase my understanding and skills. I have found Noetic Field Therapy to be an approach to healing that offers broad integration of biomedical knowledge, sophisticated psychology (most especially forgiveness of oneself, as well as others), energy field dynamics, “mystery school” understanding of the nature of creation and the blessings of spiritual help.

I am currently most interested in issues of Destiny and the relationship of the human heart with the Holy Grail.

One of my current projects is