shara-moscinskaShara Moscinska, MA, LPCC
Shara Moscinska is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor. She received her Masters in Counseling from Southwestern College, a rigorous, experiential program that stresses a transformational approach to both education and psychotherapy. She is a graduate of the Quimby Amenti Mystery School and Noetic Field Therapy Practitioner Program, and a national authority on crisis intervention. People drawn to Shara’s work are being called to live a larger life and want to understand the meaning of their experiences, relationships, and life patterns. Shara is known for her warmth, insight, and skill as an effective counselor who is able to guide you to a deeper relationship with your own inner wisdom and life purpose.

Noetic Field Therapy (NFT) combines energy medicine and spiritual counseling in a way that respects your unique life path and relationship with Spirit. Through self-forgiveness and connection with higher consciousness, you have the opportunity to transform limiting beliefs, increase self-acceptance, trust deeper in the perfection of your life, and understand how even problem behaviors and life events are purposeful in that they guide you to a more intimate relationship with yourself and Spirit. Additional psychotherapy sessions are designed to facilitate awareness, compassion, and responsibility, supporting you to live a free, meaningful, and soul-centered life. NFT is an ideal modality for anyone seeking spiritual development and for healing arts practitioners as part of a self-care plan.

Healing Plans


The Basic

Three 2-hr NFT sessions, each no sooner than two weeks apart.
Sometimes less is more. A soul cleanse to deepen your relationship with Spirit and the mystical intelligence that guides your life.

The Intensive

Three 2-hr NFT sessions, interspersed with 4 1-hr counseling sessions.
An energetic recalibration involving deeper exploration and elicitation of NFT insights. Ideal if you feel stuck, blocked, or troubled by a recurrent issue, relationship problem, or life event.

Open-Ended Psychotherapy

If you are experiencing grief, loss, depression, anxiety, trauma resolution, or difficult life change, longer-term counseling can provide you with support and opportunity for reflection, awareness, and growth. As your counselor, my role is to help you discover how your symptoms are guiding you towards healing, hope, wisdom, wonder, and most of all, our ever-evolving relationship with our core, essential Self. Three NFT sessions are still recommended as this work can often accomplish what would require months of traditional therapy. Health insurance reimburses for these services, and I accept most plans.

For more information and a complementary phone consultation, please contact Shara directly.

Most insurance accepted.