Through the eyes of the Masters; Light Figures

This class will be in two sections with touch- ins between the two classes. The first class will be fall  and the second session will be spring of the following year. In the class you will pick a light figure (a person who was a transformational agent in their time period) that you would like to study.(Karey  will do processes to help you find the person who can most assist you in your spiritual awakening.)

Then in the spring class you will dramatically embody the person you choose as your light figure.  This is a very exciting, interactive way to learn about historical figures and gain new internal mentors for your journey here on earth.  The classes assists you in learning how to do responsible leadership  and teaches you  how to bring qualities of empowerment compassion, love and neutrality into your own life as you learn how your light figure negotiated this world and brought about change.  It will also assist you in resourcing the same  levels of light that inspired the light figure.

A reflection about the workshop is below:

What I witnessed in this workshop, which I interpreted, went beyond all my expectations. The work of each participant with their light figure enabled them to achieve a close intimacy with them, as if they had met and got to know deeply a person who soon became a close friend and an integral, interactive part of their inner lives. This developing intimacy seems to have provided them with an opportunity to grow in unexpected ways, and to get to know themselves in new, unheard-of ways.

The format of the second workshop gave the participants a beautiful opportunity to express their creativity and their imagination in a very personal way. The result was astounding: each person brought their light figure and themselves present in a unique way that made the atmosphere in the room each time completely different and intensely tangible. We travelled through time and space through the various presentations, each time reaching the timelessness of eternal presence through the palpable Love and Light which were present in the room. The indescribable beauty and intensity of each meeting triggered deep feelings and luminous insights in me, making me experience various healings, feelings of joy and ecstasy, and above all the greatest respect and love for all the figures which were embodied, as well asfor the people who embodied them.

I would never have guessed that living with a Light Figure for half a year could have such a deep impact on a person and their paths, but I saw it happening live in front of my very eyes. A beautiful, extremely moving and profoundly loving manifestation of the Divine.

Presented by Karey Thorne

European Course

Dates: October 29-30, 2016
Location: Neuchatel, Switzerland
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Dates: Spring 2017 date to be determined
Location: Neuchatel, Switzerland
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About the Facilitator

Karey Thorne
Karey Thorne

Karey Thorne is a therapist and educator who conducts workshops in the United States, Europe and Asia. For the past 15 years she has taught peace studies classes at the high school and college level, and conducts international service internships with students, in Cambodia, China, and Kenya. As head of PeaceJam New Mexico she organized 6 international peace conferences, in which Nobel Peace Laureates met with youth. She has been in private practice as a therapist for 19 years. In all of her work she incorporates a spiritual perspective, which is the core of her approach to peace and transformation in the world. She is Executive Director of Heart to Hands, a non-profit that works with developing transformational leaders for the future through education and service to others. She has a BA in Political Science and Asian Studies from the University of Puget Sound, and an MA in Counseling from Southwestern College and is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Therapist.