vicki-swansonSwanson Wellness
My objective is to tailor a program for you, to release you from the tension and discomfort accumulated in everyday life thus freeing you to fully express the joy and spontaneity you enjoyed as a child.

Through your Wellness Program, you will begin to understand the habits that contribute to an imbalanced body and life. I’ll direct you to a pain free body, for a more fulfilling life through maintaining positive changes toward that end.

About Dr. Swanson

I began training as a physician’s assistant. When I added courses in nutritional science and energetic healing, along with a Masters degree in psychology, I now had the tools to approach physical problems from several different angles. Then I earned my degree with honors from the L.A. campus of Cleveland Chiropractic College in 1988.

Continuing to build on my ability to tailor individual treatments, I went on to study Qi Gong and Noetic Field (Energy) Balancing, and spent an African internship learning traditional healing herbs. I also studied Buddhist meditation under the tutelage of a Dr. Lobsang Rapgay.

Although I learned many things in many classrooms, the most important was that all aspects of a person must be involved in order for effective healing to take place: mind, body, emotions and spirit. I also came to appreciate the uniqueness of each individual, and how important it is that a healing program be tailored to fit that person. The best medicine in the world is of no use unless it addresses that one person’s specific issues.

I look forward to assisting in your unique healing process.